Fire and rescue training offers a wide variety of training and consulting services to accommodate your organization's specific training requirements.
  • OSHA Regulatory Training
  • Rescue Services
Theses courses are delivered over a period of two or three consecutive days. Classes are scheduled to begin at 8a.m. and conclude at 4p.m. However, Fire and Rescue Training, Inc. can adjust starting and ending times to coincide with your organizations needs. For your convenience we provide weekend classes at no additional cost.

Facility Requirements
In most cases, your company will need to provide an appropriate training area. This will consist of a classroom capable of seating all participants and a "hands on" area to accommodate the practical session.

Pricing and Quotes
Under most circumstances your organization would need to send personal off site to receive training that could be very costly to your organization. Fire and Rescue Training, Inc. is capable of bringing this training to your location at a low cost. 

For more information contact Arthur LaPorte.
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To request information regarding specific courses and fees go to our information request form, tell us what information you need and let us know how we may contact you.

OSHA Regulatory Training

These courses can run between 8 hours and 24 hours depending on the level of training. Contact Arthur LaPorte for more information via email at or phone at 617-773-6615.
  • Confined Space Training 1910.146(G)
  • CPR Training 1910.154
  • Respiratory Training 1910.134
  • Tunnel Rescue Training 1926.800

Confined Space Training 1910.146(G)

This course introduces your employees to the dangers associated with confined spaces. It includes an overview of the OSHA regulations pertaining to the site specific permit process and procedures necessary to perform safe entry.

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify confined spaces in the workplace.
  • Have a working knowledge of federal OSHA regulations pertaining to permit required confined spaces.
  • Recognize hazards associated with confined spaces, proper atmospheric monitoring, lock-out/tagout and blanking procedures.
  • Understand proper use of personal protective equipment.
  • Identify the procedures of the permit process.
  • Identify emergency procedures for confined spaces.
  • Identify rescue equipment used for nonentry (external) rescue of persons from confined spaces.
Course Information:

Length:  hour course

Contact Arthur LaPorte for more information.
Phone: 617-689-3098

CPR Training & Re-Certification/Basic Life Support 1910.154

CPR/Basic life support ( BLS) is a 4-hour course that covers basic CPR on adults, children and infants. In addition some basic First Aid procedures are included. The most recent CPR techniques designated by the American Heart Association are utilized.

Upon completion of the course each participant receives a CPR certification certificate which is good for 2 years.

Contact Arthur LaPorte for more information.
Phone: 617-689-3098
Respiratory Training 1910.134

This course provides the student with the working knowledge of your particular self-contained breathing apparatus, procedures for donning and doffing, and the proper maintenance of the self contained breathing apparatus.

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:
  • Define the service life of your SCBA
  • Describe procedures for inspection of SCBA
  • Prepare equipment for use
  • Use respirator
  • Terminate use
  • Perform emergency operations
  • Perform low temperature Operation
  • Describe cylinder replacement procedure
  • Perform stand-by inspection and cleaning and storage
  • Perform periodic testing
Course Information:
Length: This is an 8 hour program.
OEMS Credits: Approved for OEMS credits

Contact Arthur LaPorte for more information.
Phone: 617-689-3098

Tunnel Rescue Training 1926.800

This 24 hour seminar introduces the rescuer to:
  • Dangers associated with Tunnel Rescue
  • OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1926.800
  • Underground tunneling
  • Equipment needs
  • Procedures necessary to perform a safe rescue and recovery
  • Incident Command
Upon completion of this course the tunnel rescue team will be able to:
  • Recognize the basic types of self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Identify the principles of their use and maintenance.
  • Prepare for use a 4-hour self- contained breathing apparatus and perform routine maintenance and inspection of the SCBA.
  • Identify the physical properties and characteristics of gases they may encounter during rescue and recover work.
  • Identify where the gases are normally found, how to test for them, and the meaning of their findings.
  • Prepare for and perform underground explorations under rescue and recovery conditions.
  • Understand recommended procedures for rescuing survivors and recovering bodies following a tunnel disaster.
  • Understanding the Incident Management System as it pertains to tunnel rescue.
Course Information:
Length: Three day/24 hour course

Contact Arthur LaPorte for more information.
Phone: 617-689-3098

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