Rescue Services

Rescue Services

Five Deadly Sins Of Confined Space Entry:
  1. Not monitoring the confined space prior to, and during entry.
  2. Failure to remove hazards from the confined space.
  3. Bringing hazards into the confined space.
  4. Failing to have trained rescue personnel onsite and standing by.
  5. Failing to use a mechanical means of rescue.

Contractor's Standby Rescue Team (CSRT/OSHA 1910.146(K)

This standby rescue service provides your company with a highly skilled team that can assist your entry personnel with the expertise needed to have a safe entry and exit.

Our on-site team can provide their expertise in filling out the permit and performing the attendant's duties outside the confined space. We are also able to cancel the permit when the work is completed.

Fire and Rescue Training, Inc. will provide all of the necessary rescue equipment on-site.  We will also provide the continuous atmospheric monitoring of the space while on-site. 

Some of the more complex entries might require extra members for the rescue team, such as, personnel entering an immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) atmosphere, using respiratory protection.

Our rescue team procedure meets and exceeds:
  • OSHA regulation permit required confined spaces‚1910.146 Appendix F (rescue team or rescue service evaluation criteria)
  • OSHA qualifications for entry supervisor, authorized entrant and attendant
  • All requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 SECTION (K) (1) and (2).
Contact Arthur LaPorte for more information.
Phone: 617-689-3098

Entry Support Personnel

Sometimes a confined space entry can be made under OSHA 1910.146 (C) which doesn't require a rescue team, but does require continuous monitoring and ventilation by an entry supervisor throughout the entry process.

We will provide your company with an entry supervisor for your permit site to act as an OSHA competent person. This entry must have a competent person to perform all monitoring and ventilation.

We provide the competent person with gas detection and air moving equipment.

Contact Arthur LaPorte for more information.
Phone: 617-689-3098
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