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We have decades of experience, not just in fire services, but in the intricacies of standby rescue services. This means we know all the ins and outs of OSHA and NFPA regulations, and can provide your company with the extra personnel, knowledge, and equipment you need.

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The Most Experienced Standby Rescue Services Teams

Sometimes, navigating the OSHA regulations for confined space entry can be intimidating. With our experience and expertise on your side, we can provide your company with the standby rescue services for safe confined spaces entry, including equipment and an OSHA competent attendant, so you can move forward with confidence.

OSHA Regulations

OSHA Regulations

To start with, we can help you determine your need for standby rescue services.

OSHA regulations can be confusing, but we have decades of experience working with them, so you know you’re in good hands. OSHA regulations require a standby rescue team when workers are going into confined spaces, a rule that unions help enforce.

We not only provide your Massachusetts business with standby rescue services, but our on-site team can use their expertise in filling out the permit, performing the attendant's duties outside the confined space, and to cancel the permit when the work is completed. We also provide all the required rescue equipment on-site.

Our standby rescue services meet and exceed:

  • OSHA regulation permit required confined spaces‚1910.146 Appendix F (rescue team or rescue service evaluation criteria)
  • OSHA qualifications for entry supervisor, authorized entrant and attendant
  • All requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 SECTION (K) (1) and (2). and more

Our Standby Rescue Services

Our Standby Rescue Services

Our founder and president, Arthur LaPorte, has forty-seven years of fire service experience, including thirty-three years in the Boston Fire department.

If you want expert, personalized attention while maneuvering the OSHA and NFPA regulations In the Quincy area, talk to Arthur LaPorte first. He is dedicated to providing you and your company with an experienced, OSHA-qualified standby rescue team. Our standby rescue service can assist your entry personnel with the expertise needed for a safe confined-space entry and exit. We can handle filling out and closing out the permit, along with performing the attendant’s duties outside the confined space while your personnel are inside.

We also provide all the necessary rescue equipment, including gas detection devices, air-moving equipment, and respiratory protection. Based on the job requirements, we can also bring in additional standby rescue team members as needed.

Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry

Most Massachusetts companies know that confined space entry requires special safety regulations, but there are still some misunderstandings and even dangerous mistakes made.

We provide not only the standby rescue service but also the experience. Sometimes a confined space entry doesn't require a rescue team, just continuous monitoring and ventilation by an entry supervisor. Some of the more complex entries might require extra members for the rescue team, such as in an immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) atmosphere.

As an experienced, credentialed, standby rescue service in Massachusetts, we provide the equipment, extra personnel or supervisors, and help you avoid mistakes.

The Five Deadly Sins of Confined Space Entry:
- Failing to monitor the confined space prior to and during entry
- Failing to remove hazards from the confined space
- Bringing hazards into the confined space
- Failing to have trained rescue personnel onsite and standing by
- Failing to use a mechanical means of rescue

Changing The “Status Quo” In Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Fire departments require more occupational training than most any other job. It is an investment in safety and productivity. Driver training is unique, and that investment in training can result in the reduction of accidents. The impacts from accidents are as great as that from most fires. The category of “responding/returning” is consistently the 1ST and 2ND leading category of LODD. The loss from property damage, lost time injuries and legal liability are real losses that can be significantly reduced.

Since we don’t require a CDL [in MA], a department must adopt a legitimate standard for performance. The “best practices” template is NFPA 1002 “standard for apparatus driver/operator professional qualifications”. The standard recognizes that there is distinct knowledge and skills required to safely operate a fire truck. Our program uses conscientiously applied knowledge, using an innovative training plan design, to create an EVOC program that focuses on behavioral change in the way we drive an emergency vehicle.

Fire and Rescue Training, Inc.
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Quincy, MA 02171

Arthur Laporte
Retired Boston Fire Lieutenant

The Best Standby Rescue Services in Quincy, MA

When you contact us, you’ll be reaching our founder and president Arthur LaPorte directly, so you can expect an immediate, high-level discussion of your needs. Our experienced standby rescue services team meets OSHA regulations, but more importantly we take the guesswork out of the details. Contact us in Quincy today.